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On Thursday, Curtis Campisi spent a good part of the day with the folks from the park and Tom Daley from NFAA/CBH. What we have now is a list of all the areas that need to be addressed to be in compliance with the park's safety requests. The list contains a substantial amount of labor and materials.

That said, first off please mark your calendars for March 28th for the first of several major work parties at the range. More details about what we will be doing that day, time to be there, etc, will be sent when we get closer to the date.

Next, the project is coming in much more expensive than originally anticipated so between the park's funding and the club funds, we're still going to be short in covering costs for all the materials needed to get us 100% operational. We should have information on materials that can be donated shortly. You can donate money via Paypal towards the purchase of materials by clicking on the "Click to Doante to MMB" button on the front page of the site or by clicking here.

Here's what we need to get accomplished in a nutshell: physically move 4 targets which means cutting new trails; installing netting on 8 targets; clearing brush to allow visibility; building and updating/repairing bale houses; and relocating shooting stakes to different locations on the same target to allow safer shooting angles (more tree cutting and brush clearing).