Range Information

Helpful Documents

Mt. Madonna Scoring Maps (pdf) - For each of the 42 targets, this document outlines the stake distance(s), number of arrows, peg color, and scoring for the 4 age divisions.

Field Archery Basic Rules and Terminology (pdf) - Provides basic rules, scoring, and partial list of NFAA rules for the Mt. Madonna range. Helpful to pair with the Scoring maps above.

NFAA Outdoor Shooting Rules (pdf) - A partial list of NFAA rules for official NFAA and CBH/SAA Field Tournaments.

NFAA/CBH distance markers and shooting rules (pdf) - NFAA and CBH/SAA document outlining the general rules and scoring.


Q. What are the operating hours of the range?
A. The archery range is part of the Santa Clara Park system and has the same operating hours as the park. For more information about park hours, please visit the Santa Clara Park website or call the Mt. Madonna Park kiosk at 408-842-6761.
Q. Do you have archery equipment to rent?
A. No, we do not have equipment available for renting.
Q. Where can I get equipment and/or lessons?
A. Mt. Madonna Bowmen partners with Predator's Archery. Predator's is a full-service archery shop with a wide range of archery products, experienced staff, with a 20 yard indoor range. Lessons are available by appointment. They are a short drive from Mt. Madonna in downtown Gilroy. Visit their website or call them for more information. http://www.predatorsarchery.com 408-842-7733.
Q. I am not a member of Mt. Madonna Bowmen can I still shoot at the range on Club Shoot Sunday?
A. Absolutely! Mt. Madonna Bowmen encourages everyone to come to the range to shoot with us on Club Shoot Sunday. If you're unfamiliar with the range trails, it's an excellent opportunity to shoot the range with club members to show you around. Please visit our Events page to learn more about the details of Club Shoot Sundays.
Q. What are the different divisions based on age?
A. Cub 11 y/o or younger: Black stakes, longest shot is 30 yards.
Youth 12 - 14: shoot adult stakes up to 50 yards, when the adult stake is past 50 yards, youth shoot from the blue stakes. Longest shot is 50 yards.
Young Adult 15 - 17: shoot white/red/yellow stakes depending on course type (field, hunter, or animal).
Adult 18+: white/red/yellow stakes depending on the course type (field, hunter, or animal).